Day 18:

163.5. Up half a pound.

I got up this morning and had a fantastic breakfast courtesy of Jon: spinach + onion + cheese omelet.


I drove all the way to work – completely stressed about the ice and the fact that I appeared to be the only moron out that early – to discover one other car in my parking lot, which was a solid sheet of ice. I seriously slid the whole way back out, texted my work people and told them that I – too, apparently – would be taking a snow day and went back home.

I spent most of the day with an electric blanket and a dog.


Lunch was typical and simple.

We went to a local diner for dinner and split a hamburger patty (with swiss & mushrooms) + a “BLT salad.” Wasn’t too bad, but I’m still hungry for some reason.



Totally bailed on the running thing tonight. I was supposed to do 30 minutes of intervals, but I’d have to do it on a treadmill because of the ice that’s lingering – and I just don’t want to. I waited until Jon got home tonight instead of doing it during the day because we intended to do it together (or rather, he intended to tag along and humor me) – but it’s just not happening.

I have the group thing at 7:30am. Already received an email saying to do it on a treadmill if it’s TOO icy – but I am SO hoping the planned route is ok.