Day 17:

163.0 again today.

It snowed!


My office closed early + I didn’t have anything scheduled, so I took advantage and bailed. It took an hour to make the 15 minute drive home, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as Jon’s experience. He called from about 20 miles away threatening to abandon his car and walk home.

It didn’t snow here at all last year (that I recall) – and this will probably stick around just until the sun comes up tomorrow – but it’s fun while it lasts. Hard to believe it was 70 degrees just a few days ago.


Tonight’s a rest night on the running schedule, so it worked out well. They canceled the optional core class, which I fully expected. I wouldn’t have risked it anyway.

Food was typical, except I added an avocado. I’ve been leery of eating them since that was something that REALLY screwed me up when I had my gallbladder – but it was fine. As a matter of fact – I know I was really hungry – but I thought this was the best lunch I’d ever had as I was eating it.


Jon fried pork chops in coconut oil + roasted okra for dinner.

All the snacks? Random nibbles throughout the afternoon + I have a bowl of yogurt & fruit waiting for me now.


TV time.