Day 16:

163.0 today. Down 1 more pound overnight. Down 6 pounds total since January 1. Something has most definitely changed. Looks like I’m not completely stuck.

Today was a pretty typical food day.


I did the running intervals for 40 minutes tonight in the dark + RAIN + 45 degrees. I am now that which I once mocked, I guess. I actually enjoyed it. Good night. Not as hard as Saturday, anyway.

I don’t want to jinx it – but I am super motivated to continue this for some reason. No way I would’ve been out tonight right after work – when I’d just had coffee at 4pm to survive the last hour – in the rain + cold – the last time I tried C25K.

I’m feeling pretty good, overall. Very tired, but only because I didn’t get home from dinner until 9pm last night. Had to quickly post here, let the dog out, etc. so I went to bed later than usual. I also don’t always sleep overly well when Jon’s gone – so that happened, too. I estimate I slept 5 hours when my norm is 8.5 to 9. I can’t keep that up more than one night – so I’m going to bed now.