Day 14:

165.5 again.

I’m somewhat surprised I haven’t lost more weight. Honestly – I expected to pretty easily get back down to 162-164, which is my norm. I seem to be stuck here, but it’s not the end of the world. Just takes time.

This whole thing is sort of strange. I feel great most of the time. I have a lot of energy and my stomach never hurts or feels bloated, etc. I just feel WELL. BUT! I am SO TIRED and SO HUNGRY a lot of the time, too. It’s weird. My brain has already shut down for the day or I’d spend some time thinking about it/explaining it better.

I woke up this morning and felt drugged again when I had to get out of bed. I hate that feeling. I am generally a pretty decent morning person and am fine once I’ve woken up. This month? It’s TORTURE.

I decided to add some plain yogurt to the repertoire and had a pretty big breakfast (for a week day).


I swear I have an extreme sugar/carb addiction and I’m having a really hard time kicking it. I seriously wanted to DRINK the honey that I added to the yogurt this morning. This afternoon? A baker client was talking about cakes in fairly great detail and I was so distracted by my NEED FOR CAKE – ANY CAKE – that I seriously had to be stern with myself to focus.

It’s fucking ridiculous.

There’s no doubt that I would have had granola for dinner if I didn’t feel some accountability here.

Anyway. Here’s the rest of the day:


I don’t know how to capture the whole thing when using a laptop and have a smaller screen … and I’m not going to take the time to figure it out …


My carbs are high, but the calorie level feels good. I’m very hungry between meals, but it’s survivable. I know it might just be a mind thing. It’s only been 2 weeks.

Jon threw this dinner together in about 5 minutes since he roasted some chickens last night:


He found the recipe for the kale here, but it’s kale, an onion, carrots, garlic, butter and some chicken broth. I’m no chef, obv, but it seemed really simple.

I went to Body Flow after work tonight. They did a new flow – or whatever it is that happens in that class – and I’m sure my arms are going to be aching tomorrow. (Is this class a thing? A thing that happens universally? Like, not my-gym specific. I don’t know. I’ve been assuming it’s a thing – but now I’m not sure.) I found out that it doesn’t count as cross training for the running thing, so I was supposed to add 30 minutes of something else, but I didn’t feel like it. I was hungry + tired + wanted to go home.

I have generally been in a pissy mood all day. I think it’s more a hormonal issue than a food issue. I have zero ability to figure it out tonight. I’m watching Finding Bigfoot and should be going to bed. These people are just so earnest it’s hard to stop watching.