Day 13:

165.5 again today.

Today was a rest day – as dictated by the running schedule – so that’s pretty much what we did.


We both woke up at 5am and decided to stay up, so we had a lazy morning on the couch with coffee + the news. I actually slept off and on from 5am until about 7:30am as I got bored with whatever we were watching or reading (miraculously with a cup of coffee in my hand at my side that remained intact), but I was awake for good shortly before 8.

Breakfast looks huge on my chart, but it was spread out over hours. I ate a banana at about 5 when I woke up because I was STARVING. Then I told Jon that I really wanted pancakes when I briefly woke up from one of my naps (and saw a Denny’s commercial) … so I (surprisingly) woke up to the smell of these cinnamon + coconut pancakes (coconut milk, coconut flour, etc.) around 6:30.

We split these. I drizzled a little honey on top of mine.


He made eggs + bacon for his child #4 when she woke up several hours later – so I ate that, too.

Lunch was leftovers.


Dinner happened at a local steakhouse. I ordered a 12oz pork chop + a sweet potato + a small salad (lettuce + bacon + cheese + 1 cherry tomato). I wound up eating half the pork chop when I went to input the info and saw the calories associated with 12oz of pork. Outrageous.


I ate so many things I couldn’t capture it all in one shot …


Realistically, my day would have been fine had I skipped the banana and the chocolate almonds. My calories and carbs would have been more in line with what I’m shooting for, anyway. Oh, well.

No exercise of any kind. We thought about going for a walk, but it was gloomy + we had laundry and grocery shopping and lounging to do – so it didn’t happen.

Crazy week ahead, but we’re mostly prepared. Jon has 2 chickens in roasting right now, so I foresee lots of chicken in my immediate future.