Day 12:

165.5 today.

Jon thinks I’m too harshly restricting my calories, so he adjusted my calorie, fat, protein and carb goals in myfitnesspal this morning. Despite having lost a lot of weight and being interested in trying new things exercise-wise and food-wise, etc. – I do nearly zero research and rarely become too fanatic (obv – since my mind changes about every other day). I’ve never read Runner’s World or any other fitness magazine, I rarely read technical blogs (because I become bugged by preachy language), etc. I generally just wing it and hope for the best – or assess “experts” and rely on their advice. SO – I’ve based my calorie goals on the app and haven’t thought too much about it since it’s been in line with previous calculations.

Jon has some sort of reasoned explanation based on reading something(s), so he upped my calories by about 550 and upped my protein and fat goals, too. Realistically, it scares me a little because I DO NOT want to gain weight – but I’m working on letting it go. I was very successful at maintaining without any monitoring of calories at all and have no intention of making myself crazy over this, so I’m going to just keep eating. I’ll start logging after the fact if it all starts to feel too obsessive.

I ate more today – but I ate way too much sugar for this challenge. The chocolate almonds + ketchup aren’t really in line with what I’m doing and I know that. Apparently I’m supposed to be eating more MEAT – not sugar – with those extra calories, but I can’t work up enough motivation to care much tonight.


Jon grilled burgers for dinner + made sweet potato fries (that he coated with cinnamon and paprika – I thought it would be weird, but it was very good) + grandma-style green beans.


The running group happened this morning at 7:30am. It was nearly 70 degrees again and felt really muggy because it had rained – and the greenway we ran on was super hilly – but I survived again. We did 40 minutes of intervals at a pretty slow pace, which was perfect for me. There’s another woman in the 5k group now that is about at my exact pace, so it’s been nice to have someone in the same boat.

I felt pretty discouraged this morning because it was just so HARD – and last night was so hard – but I guess that will happen. Tuesday and Wednesday nights weren’t a walk in the park, but they were way more pleasant, in general. No idea why.

I don’t plan to run on a treadmill again unless I just have to. One of my knees started hurting Wednesday night when I was on the treadmill and I felt a sharp pain every time I’d take a step – only when running. The same knee started it up last night outside, but almost immediately stopped. No pain for the duration, anyway. No pain at all today. Something is obviously different on a treadmill unless it was just a total fluke. Either way – I don’t know if it’s worth the risk, so I need a new plan for nights when Jon is away. He thinks it’s ridiculous that I work in jails and forensic psych facilities and feel totally comfortable, but won’t run in my neighborhood after dark. My problem? I don’t like not being able to see my environment + dogs. I’m much more worried about the unpredictable behavior of dogs than I am anything else.