Day 11:

166 again. Looks like my body is happy here for now.

I didn’t feel like having hard-boiled eggs for breakfast again, so I shook it up and actually cooked some. Crazy, I know.

I didn’t feel like packing a lunch, either, so I didn’t. I thought I’d just run to Panera or something for a (plain) salad – or to the grocery store for something – but I didn’t plan on not being able to deal with that until 4pm. I was starving when I finally had “lunch.” My stomach wasn’t so bad, but I noticed I couldn’t think as clearly and just wanted to sleep, etc. Felt awful. So sluggish.

I wanted nachos for dinner, so we improvised. We did the jogging thing on my schedule and then picked up some groceries before I dropped Jon at the gym. He wanted to do some weight stuff – and just ran home – so I made a quick spiced up ground chicken taco-ish salad while I waited for him.


I weighed and measured everything, of course.


Those dark chocolate almonds? Just had to have them for the drive from the store to the gym.

I seriously thought it would be an “easy” day re: the jogging thing since I just had to do 30 minutes of short intervals. I was miserable, though. I chose a fairly hilly track + it was (freakishly) 70 degrees outside. Looks like I might prefer flat and freezing. I also feel like skipping lunch had completely depleted all energy – and my lunch hadn’t fully caught up with me when I went to do the jogging thing – so it completely wiped me out despite eating a banana on the way over there.

Anyway. I survived. Rewarded myself with 10 chocolate almonds and improvised nachos instead of the Mexican restaurant + fried ice cream I really wanted.

Up tomorrow: running group super early. No Body Flow because all classes are canceled.