Day 10:

166 again.

I’m over the STARVING. I definitely feel some low-level hunger here and there, but it’s nowhere near the extreme swings I had become accustomed to again. I swear this way of living would be really nice if it included ice cream and crusty bread and pasta.

I feel like a broken record, but I had another crazy day. I didn’t even realize it was lunch time until I needed to be in my car on my way somewhere for a scheduled thing. Ate on the run again.

I loaded up on fruit (carbs) this morning because I was extraordinarily tired. I’ve felt this way one other morning this month but can’t figure out a common cause. Just happens, I guess.


Today is a rest day on my running schedule – or I could have participated in an optional core class that they provide. I learned that it would be a circuit thing with burpees, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, etc. I was (mostly) up for it physically, but I needed a mental break. I almost went, but I needed to grocery shop + buy dog food + blah blah blah after work – so I talked myself out of it. I needed a free night and I had an excuse since it’s technically a rest day, so I went with it.

Realistically – sometimes I need to be ALONE (or with Jon – he doesn’t count) to recharge. I have a very people oriented job that demands a lot from me socially. I have to recharge sometimes lest I become grumpy and rude to others. I’ve spent the evening at home alone – in silence since I don’t even want to hear people on TV – in my pajamas. It’s been nice.

I didn’t feel like dealing with dinner, so I had the same thing I had last night:


I know I eat the same stuff over and over. No thinking required + I just really hate food preparation. I’m perfectly fine eating this way when I’m on my own despite Jon thinking I’m nuts.

I looked at my carbs since I wondered if there might be some pattern that might related to the couple of hard mornings I’ve had. No idea, but it was interesting. My days have been 104, 81, 81, 87, 101, 95, 99, 143, 113 and 101. Averages to 100.5. Not bad.

I’ve decided I’m not giving up dairy or fruit. No way. I’m feeling pretty good, so I’m happy.