Day 8:

I wouldn’t have even remembered what I weighed this morning if I hadn’t logged it in myfitnesspal. That’s either a testament to how little I care – or to how much other info went in my brain today and is still sloshing around. I was 166.0, so I think slightly down again?

Crazy, crazy day. I’m exhausted – and I had a horrific headache for about 75% of the day.

Here’s the food:


The running program group met tonight, so I went to that after work. There were 4 of this doing the 5k program tonight, so we all jogged together (with a coach) – fartleks! New word for me as of this program. Tonight was actually pretty easy + it was nice to meet up with a group of people who are at about my pace. I’m really glad I’m doing this.

Anyway. I need to eat dinner. This combo is what I was craving + I needed quick since it’s 8pm and I’m just now getting home and getting the dog out, dinner made, etc.


Feeling pretty good now that my headache is gone – seemingly courtesy of the jog/walking.