Day 5:

I weighed 165.5 this morning. 4 pounds down in 5 days. It’s a miracle! Or just a testament to how much junk I was eating in the couple of weeks leading up to Jan 1.

That plan I created for exercise? I didn’t even consider that the running program would want me to do specific things on days other than the official group running days. I’m not sure why I didn’t consider it since I received a daily schedule for the entire month of December – but I didn’t.

Today was the first official day of the program. Started at 7:30am – so – in the semi-dark & the cold. I think it was in the high 20’s/low 30’s when I left this morning.

I don’t know what I was fucking thinking.

All of the runs happen that early (or earlier) or at night. In the dark & the cold.

It seems that there are only 3 of us who are doing the 5k program – out of many, many people – and only 2 (including me) who can’t already just run a 5k. Everyone else is training for a half or full marathon, with most people appearing to be working on speed – not ability. The coaches are extremely helpful and have tailored it for me since I explained that there’s no way I can already run a 5k (which wasn’t a prerequisite) – so I think I’ll survive.

I’m so far behind everyone else that I feel no competition whatsoever – and I don’t even feel badly about my ability. I could have really let it bother me that the rest of the group went whizzing by on their 5 mile run – but seriously? That is SO FAR beyond my ability right now that I just don’t even care. I’ll catch up someday – or I won’t. Either way, I’m actually kind of excited and looking forward to this. I really like the motivation that comes from being with other like-minded/motivated people – and have always been successful when I have some accountability and expectation tied to me – so I’m hopeful.

The cold, though? It’s miserable. I have zero appropriate clothing for this and have no idea where to even start. First up is something to cover my ears, for sure. I heard someone say that mittens are best because you can keep your fingers together in a fist – so I guess I need to investigate that, too.

Right after spending 2 hours doing the drills and the jogging/walking required for the running thing, I went straight to a Body Flow class at my gym.

I was wiped out by 11am, but I feel fantastic tonight.

Tomorrow is a rest day, per the running people – so I think I’ll take advantage.

I ate a banana and 2 fried eggs about an hour before leaving this morning. I can’t exercise after eating, but I’m constantly STARVING so much these days that I was worried about what would happen if I tried to exercise for 2+ hours on zero food. I think I gave myself enough time – and I’m glad I ate because I was STARVING again when I got home at 11. Like, shaking STARVING.

My lunch was simple and quick: turkey + provolone + colby jack cheeses (made roll-ups) + some nuts + some pickles.


This did absolutely nothing for me energy-wise. I crashed HARD about an hour later as we were shopping and very seriously felt like a zombie. It’s amazing how acutely I can feel what’s going on with my body when I don’t eat tons of carbs.

We were going to see a movie and I felt miserable, so I could have chosen a banana or … I don’t know. More fat? Instead, Jon stopped at the co-op and I chose dark chocolate covered raisins (despite his judgment).

I don’t even LIKE raisins.


It took the entire length of The Hobbit for me to eat about 1/4 cup, but I left the movie feeling like a completely different person.


(That confectioner’s glaze that’s listed? Apparently it’s essentially food-grade shellac. Nice.)

Jon chose pistachios.


Probably a much better choice, but I seriously doubt I would have made it through the movie without the raisins (sugar/carbs). I legitimately felt awful.

Jon cooked dinner tonight: “gluten, grain and garbage-free chick-fil-a nuggets” + roasted broccoli.

DSCN0051 (3)

I don’t know that they’re overly similar to chick-fil-a nuggets – breading-wise, obv – but they were good.

DSCN0055 (3)

I’m too lazy to break down all of the ingredients, calorie-wise – so here’s my best estimation for the day: