Day 4:

I weighed 166 this morning. 3.5 pounds down in 4 days.

O — M — G. I am STARVING.

I woke up this morning and was extraordinarily tired and wanting cereal. I always sleep 8-9 hours and had just slept from 9:30p – 6a, so I’d had plenty of sleep. It was awful, though. I could barely muster the energy to stand up out of bed.

Jon made a sausage, onion and egg thing for breakfast, so I portioned the components and made my own.


I completely forgot about lunch pictures again until I was nearly done, but here’s how I ate:


At work.

I need to be better about separating for lunch, but it’s nearly impossible. I don’t think I’ve ever even opened my google reader at work. Crazy, I KNOW. At least I (usually) shut my door and have some silence while I eat.

We both got home so late tonight that we weren’t ready to do anything (i.e., cook or exercise) until nearly 7pm – which threw off the whole night. Today’s my planned rest day, but Jon wanted to go to the gym, so he did that while I ran to the grocery store. I wasn’t motivated to wait for him to cook anything extensive because of the STARVING, so we compromised with a rotisserie chicken & microwaved sweet potatoes.

DSCN0045 (3)

I also picked up a banana and some almond butter as I browsed the store and cussed myself for deciding to try this challenge.


Here’s the day:


The ham happened as soon as I walked in the door from work and the orange happened sometime in the afternoon. Seems like I’m eating every few hours, but O — M — G I swear I’m STARVING.