Day 3:

I weighed 167.5 this morning. 2 pounds down in 3 days. All water, I guess, which is irritating at 3am.

Breakfast was quick and simple (and early). Jon fried a bunch of eggs and gave 2 to me:


I made a simple smoothie, too.


Not so appetizing looking (esp given the lighting), but I really like them and was actually looking forward to it when I woke up.


I ate lunch in the car – at 2pm – on my way back to my office after working with clients at a different facility all morning. I was STARVING – and I never fully shook the feeling. Lunch was turkey, cheese, carrots & almonds. I also ate my “snack,” which was a hard-boiled egg.

Someone brought in a huge fucking piece of (really good) PIE for me at the very end of the day today – when I was SO TIRED and SO VULNERABLE. Plastic wrapped fork and all. He brings something like this each week and I’m always super appreciative and super willing to eat whatever is brought. It’s just something we do and something I don’t intend to stop – though I almost did today because I’d forgotten about this habit and was caught off guard. The reality is, though, that I just don’t care enough about my weight or this challenge to avoid taking a couple of bites of pie or cake or whatever – and I am CERTAINLY not getting into any crazy food issues – so I took a bite.

The problem? About 30 minutes later I had decided I needed bagels for dinner.

ONE BITE. Jesus.

I wound up with flounder + roasted red peppers + spinach + asparagus (courtesy of Jon) instead of bagels (and the rest of the pie).


So here’s the day:


I am not interested in counting calories for one bite of pie, so I didn’t.

The extra calories came from the Body Flow class I went to after work at my gym. I had planned to go to my regular Pilates class elsewhere, but was invited to this class, so I went. I’m glad – I enjoy it. Not sure that I’d go without prompting, though, because it’s still new to me (which obv means SCARY and AWFUL).