Day 2:

I weighed 169.5 again. No surprise.

Jon made a smoothie for breakfast – so I was inspired. I made one every morning around this time last year – for months – until my gallbladder situation became so crazy that I couldn’t eat berries or raw spinach.

(When I say I lost about 15-20 pounds because of the gallbladder, I am SO SERIOUS. It was awful. I have all these horrible memories and can’t believe I let it go on so long.)

Anyway. I can ingest fiber again without wanting to die, so I made a carrot juice + blueberries + blackberries + spinach smoothie for breakfast and boiled some eggs.

Here’s the rest of the day because I ate a quick leftovers lunch at work and forgot about taking pictures until I was on my way home thinking about dinner:


(The ham brand is a guess since I have no idea what to pick, but I assume ham is ham, right? Also, I still know about the almonds, but I LOVE THEM. Portioning them is huge progress. Also just realized I forgot the dinner spinach. And breakfast coffee. Edited to fix.)

(Also: this challenge will not be perfect. It was either eat some cheese or drink the honey from the container as I made the salad. For real. Felt a little desperate. This is a work-in-progress type of thing this month.)

Dinner = spinach + olive oil + honey + leftover grilled chicken breast:


In general, I’m feeling ok. I left work tonight thinking I’d stop and pick up some coffee on the way home, so I was tired – but I’m not dying from the lack of copious amounts of sugar or anything. Yet.

I did some stretching tonight because I’m sore from that semi-pathetic walk/jog in the rain yesterday, but no exercise. Wednesday and Friday are my optional/rest days for now. The plan is:

M: Body Flow at the gym
T: Running program
W: Rest (or whatever I feel like doing)
TR: Pilates class or the optional core class the running program does
F: Rest (because there’s little chance I’ll follow through with anything else)
S: Running program
Su: Whatever I feel like doing at the gym

Seems simple and doable.