So, it’s been a while. A lot has happened. A lot I’d like to forget.

I didn’t have internet access at home for over 3 WEEKS following a cluster of problems that were maddening and comical and UNNECESSARY … but whatever. They showed up yesterday and all is well and now I have 8 minutes before I need to get ready for work and I’m spending all of them appreciating technology.

I’m not really sure what’s happened since I last posted. Thanksgiving, I think.

We spent it at my mom’s house and I wound up with some sort of stomach thing that completely wiped me out with the puking. Luckily I was semi-well before we had to spend 6 hours in the car driving home.

DSCN2059 (2)

Jon cooked everything, but bailed on the paleo thing because he was afraid my family wouldn’t eat it and would prefer their “normal” stuff. He’s likely right.


We bought the house, too – the week before Thanksgiving. And the other house rented within 4 days of being listed.

Moving has been a bitch, but it’s over. The last of the work finished up yesterday – so I think we’ll finally have the house to ourselves. And clean. And just DONE. I need to take pictures soon. I’m very happy with the changes we made.

Here’s one:

Bathroom in the garage. Built many, many years ago, but scheduled to be nailed shut because ... no.

It’s a bathroom – in the garage. There’s a fireplace in the garage, too. We asked the previous owner why there’s a bathroom and he explained that his grandfather built it many, many years ago for the guy who helped around the house/yard (the house had been in the same family for 60+ years). Jon and I looked at each with complete shock when we understood that we might have a bathroom straight out of the The Help.

We have no plans to remodel it anytime soon, but it works. Has a shower, too (that opening on the R). Has too much of a prison vibe for me to be able to go in and turn my back/shut the door.

Anyway. We love the house.


What else?

I joined RunKNOX. Here’s what they say:

a 17-week training program (Dec.1-Apr.7) for individuals looking to complete or compete in the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon’s 5K race. This group is perfect for the beginning runner and veteran alike! Throughout this program, we will focus on the basics of running, including form and efficiency. We will not run a lot of mileage, but we will do some pace and form-enhancing quality work such as hills, drills, strides and fartleks.

Basically, I’m never going to learn to run if I don’t pay someone and have some accountability. So, I paid someone and have some accountability.

The month of December is on our own and I’m struggling with the build up to the January training – but I’m mostly getting it done each week. If Body Flow counts as cross training.

Hopefully this won’t kill me.

Jon is planning to run the half marathon and has been participating in the free group training runs to prepare for that.

Time’s up.

Popcorn is serious business around here.