I’ve been feeling a little better since I last posted about being so tired all of the time.

I’ve at least made it to the gym a couple of times in the 9 days since I posted AND have been out to walk a few times (including yesterday – Sunday – morning at 7:30am when it was FREEZING, so that counts more).

I’m still working on being purposeful, so I’ve restarted the calorie counting on a somewhat more regular basis. The time of year + the move to the new house could push me over the edge food-wise, I think. It’s WAY too easy to order pizza + eat sugar non-stop these days.

I’m still tired, but I think the iron supplement is helping. Or forcing myself to exercise is helping. Or a combination. Or I’m just over whatever my problem was. Either way, I have a little more motivation, so I’m going with it.

I’m home today for the holiday since I’m a (local) government worker while Jon – the actual veteran – is at work. I’m planning to pack a few rooms/closets, do some shopping, do some laundry + go to the gym. I also made breakfast for myself – something I rarely do these days since I’m on a cereal/granola kick.

(Eggs + sourdough toast + chunks of ham from a whole (tiny) ham we bought last week.)


Lots of energy!

Weird. Makes me wonder how I might feel if I regularly took ALL of my supplements.

We celebrated our 6th anniversary by packing + ordering a new couch + stopping on the way home from shopping for sushi + noodles.


It was a good day despite my discomfort dealing with furniture salespeople.

As always, we talked about goals for the upcoming year and decided that we want 2013 to be less stressful. No major life changes – if we can help it.

We won’t have a reason to do any house buying or job changing or life reorganizing. We’re on our way to being pretty settled – so that’s our focus. Settling. Grad school/Michigan + job stuff (new for me + promotion for Jon) + cancer + buying a new house have wiped us out.

We’re ready for a calm, settled, boring year full of healthy meals and exercise and a focus on restoring our sanity.

First, though, we have to finalize the house sale (this Friday!) + get the work done that we want to get done (mostly scheduled!) + move + celebrate the holidays with a bunch of visitors (very exciting!). Then? Boring.

Jon is excited about having a new kitchen that’s way bigger than our current one – and I’m excited that he’s excited because it means he’ll cook more.

We will also be within walking distance of our gym. It’s exactly 1 mile up a road with sidewalks all the way – so there’s NO excuse to blow it off. We also found a park with a walking track a few miles away + our new neighborhood has sidewalks throughout. Point is, I will really have zero excuse re: the jogging thing.

So – I guess we created our primary resolution a couple of months early.

I’m a big fan of resolutions, of course. Have been pretty life changing so far.