I’m sitting at home on the couch this morning – electric blanket and dog on my lap – while Jon’s at the gym.

I’m actually spending a lot of time like this lately.


I’m just not motivated. I’m tired. It’s dark and cold and I’m all woeful about the impending doom of winter.

I had a check-up and learned that I still have anemia issues – which is probably a reason I’m tired all the time – so my night routine now includes an iron pill with the TMJ bite guard thing (that I will never be able to live without).

I would say I’m feeling old – but I’m not. Just tiiiiiired. All whiny like that.

I totally know that exercise would help. I just …. am too tired to bother.

I’ve been eating a lot of shit lately, but have had no weight gain – so of course I’m convinced I’m dying.


What else?

The house thing is moving along. The estimates we’re getting from painters and other work people have been of the heart-stopping sort, but we’re in this for the long haul – so I’m sucking it up. I won’t be fully excited until we sign the papers and get the keys. Still feels unreal. 2 weeks!

The rental person we hired is coming by today to do the paperwork to start working on getting our current house rented. I’m apprehensive – and a little sad. We’ve always intended for this house to be a short-term thing that would hopefully turn into a long-term payoff – but we’ve been here 5 1/2 years and I’m happy in my little yellow house. I hope I don’t lose it when I see all the work we did to rehab the place (especially the yard) (potentially) go down the drain.

DSCN2004 (2)


We got all dressed up last night and went to a gala my undergrad (soc work) college holds each year. My employer is a sponsor (and pretty heavily associated with the university), so I sort of had to go – but I’m glad. It was fun + I enjoyed having a reason to buy a fancy puffy dress.

Isn’t he the cutest thing ever?

UTK College of Soc Work Gala! Aka: reason to spend the night in something other than yoga pants.

Our 6th anniversary is coming up next week. I was planning to meet Jon in Montreal for the weekend (tagging on to a work trip), but we decided we’d rather eat after we buy this house – so I cancelled. Such is (a spoiled) life.

6 years, though. Crazy.


So that’s it. Very little exercise lately. No calorie counting. Lots of chocolate and carbs, but mostly still doing the intuitive eating thing.

No weight gain.