I can’t believe this.


(The crazy tan lines? Keens.)

I had no plan when I started losing weight – and I’ve had no idea what sort of goal to have since I have nothing to compare to since I’ve never weighed in the 150’s IN MY LIFE.

I mean – I had to have at least bypassed it at some point – but I would guess I was likely 12 or 13. No memory of it. I’ve never seen this as an adult – or even late teen.

Now? I’m pretty pleased to have broken another barrier (two days in a row – not a random fluke). I thought 160 would be about as good as it would get.

I still have no idea about a final goal. I thought 160 would be a good one – but I’m reevaluating.

I’m not doing anything crazy. I’m just tracking whatever I eat (usually after the fact) – ice cream and all – and am trying to be consistent about creating some sort of calorie deficit. I know a lot of people don’t believe in the calories in, calories out concept – but it works for me. Always has – if I’m consistent.

So. Officially 112.5 pounds down.

The gallbladder thing? I’m fine. I feel so much better, in general.

I’m less than 2 weeks out from surgery and I’ve already been to the gym a few times (just walked on the treadmill) and have pretty much resumed normal eating. I’m slowly introducing more fat – and I seem to be handling it completely normally.

Except for some minor incision/stomach twitches when I tried to exercise a little too rigorously earlier in the week – I can’t even tell I’ve had surgery.

SO worth it.