We’re making a definite effort to change a few more things around here. Nothing outrageous. Smallish stuff we never much emphasis on when we were making larger changes.

We put a limit on restaurants as a NY resolution and have done pretty well. We don’t rigidly stick to it … but we mostly stick to it.

Now? We’re trying to limit the amount of time/meals we spend eating in front of the TV and/or otherwise distracted. I’m just over it. Wednesday Mexican & Margarita night has officially shifted to Dinner on the Deck night – essentially accomplishing two things – no restaurant + no distractions.

I was left in charge tonight since Jon had an appointment right after work, so this was my best effort:




(Mine = strawberries, blueberries & a little pineapple juice … His = this stuff + rum.)

One day/meal at a time.