I think I’m going to start a new thing here called Do I Look Like an Idiot?

I’ve complained about having to dump all my clothes and start over – a process that’s ongoing – and I know it sounds ridiculous – but I still hate it.

The whole thing is uncomfortable/new. I’ve spent the majority of my adult life either being seriously limited because I was a size 22/24 or transitioning down and feeling hesitant to spend much on clothes.

Now? I’m kinda ok – and ready to figure out how to move forward. Plus there’s the whole job thing that requires attire a little better than Target yoga pants.


(Note: I didn’t wear those shoes to work. Had an early morning personal appointment so opted for extreme comfort. Though the shoes I DID wear aren’t really uncomfortable – because I just don’t do that – just slightly more appropriate for my work environment.)


I would’ve been very hesitant to wear a shirt like this even 15 pounds ago.





This new size/body stuff is still such a work in progress.

This week has been sorta off. Our Monday group walk was rained out. I didn’t get home in time to make it to Pilates on Tuesday. Haven’t met with the trainer yet.

We chose to eat out last night – with the caveat that we walk afterward.

We didn’t go far because I was tired + it started raining – but it was something.


I am seriously looking forward to having an active weekend.