I am so tired. Exhausted. We crammed too much into the weekend.

Friday night, I left work, drove 90 miles to meet Jon & his child #4 (and Henry) at a college they’d toured earlier in the day (and where she did a recruiting practice re: the sport she plays), ate dinner w/them, went to see a movie (21 Jump Street), and stayed overnight at a hotel in that town.

Saturday, we ate breakfast pretty early + they drove me around the college and showed me the stuff they saw the day before + we drove around a different college to check it out + we drove a couple hours home because Henry had a vet appointment and I had a haircut appointment to attend.

I forgot to eat lunch during all of that. Let me repeat: I forgot to eat lunch. ME! Totally not in an obnoxious way, either – which is the only way I thought something like that happened. I remembered when I felt shaky.

We cleaned the house (dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, etc.) + did laundry + paid bills + cleaned out the closet and packed stuff up for donation.

I’m pretty much just about completely starting over because nothing fits anymore. I’m over it. Considering everything, it would be cheaper/easier/more practical – short-term – to just gain weight and hang on to my entire wardrobe. But that’s ridiculous, right?

My little brother came over to visit, so Jon grilled hamburgers for dinner.

We were in bed at 9PM. Not interested in St. Patrick’s Day partying around here these days.

This morning, we ate breakfast (eggs + slices of a tomato) before doing our weekly grocery shopping + Target trip + we went to the dreaded mall so I could shop for some new clothes (where I found nothing) + we stopped at Kohl’s for the same (where I also walked out with nothing) + we drove around a neighborhood we’re thinking about moving to in the future.

Lunch happened.

We split these two:

We did more cleaning + the rest of the laundry + did all the food prep for the upcoming week (i.e., chopping up a ham & a pineapple, etc.).

I was eager to spend some time outside, so we went to Cody’s and walked near him.

Came home to mow + weed + work in the yard for a couple of hours. Ate a quick dinner (rotisserie chicken + roasted asparagus & green beans). Talked on the phone to various family members. Jon’s ironing our clothes for the week right now before we head to bed.

All this craziness means everything is done, though. This is the only way we’d be able to exercise as much as we do given our work schedules + eat the way we do + easily pack lunches each day + sleep 8-9 hrs/night.

Preparation is so important. It’s the only way I stay (mostly) sane.

I’m tired, though. Exhausted. Ready to hire a mower + shopper + house cleaner so I could maybe read a book.