We’ve had a really decent low-key weekend – just as we planned.

Saturday morning, Jon and I went on a date. We’ve done incredibly well with the restaurant restriction thing – so we really look forward to stuff like this now.

(@ Harry’s Deli: sausage, leek & cheese stratta + sweet potato latkes + bacon on the side + some kind of squash butter).

We go here fairly often and always leave with a box of pastries. Yesterday?

We ate (some of) a pecan sandie as we walked around.

And a little bit of a peanut butter + chocolate cookie.

I’m not a huge fan of hard cookies and am not interested in eating things I don’t just LOVE these days … so we threw away most of the PB cookie (and I left most of the pecan sandie for Jon).

We chose a chocolate babka, too, that we decided to eat later – and I wound up passing on that, too.

Who am I these days, right? I don’t know. I still amaze myself sometimes.

These things were perfectly fine – just not fabulous given my preferences – so … I don’t know. Why bother?

I’m thinking this is how “normal” people eat?


That walk? We just wandered around for a few miles after breakfast since it was sunny and warm(ish).

After that, we spent 6 hours on the couch catching up on Downton Abbey.

Today, Jon made an “empty the refrigerator” breakfast.

Swiss chard + a red pepper + a squash + garlic + bacon + eggs on top – baked.

He always prefaces meals like this with statements about how it’ll probably be awful. Not sure that he’s ever been right.

We skipped lunch while we were out running a bunch of errands so I was STARVING by the end of our afternoon walk.

Cody (little brother) lives in a part of town that’s fairly close to Oak Ridge … plus Jon works in Oak Ridge and often walks at the Arboretum … so we picked Cody up and headed there.

It was hilly (as are most walks around here).

It was a beautiful day – so I didn’t complain much.

I laugh every time I look at this one. He looks thrilled.

Dinner was worth the wait.

Jon used this recipe but subbed pork ribs.

I’m having clothing issues (again).

I have zero idea what size I wear these days. I went out and bought all new pants (for work) maybe a month ago or so because I could barely keep the old ones up – now the new ones are too big, too.

I’m almost ready to get rid of stuff like this that’s probably a size too big.

My jeans, though? I don’t know.

These are the best fitting ones I own. They’re ok, but I can fairly easily pull them down/off without unzipping even just after drying – and after 4 mi of walking? Serious sagging.

I know this is a good problem to have. I should probably be excited about starting over again – but I am extremely hesitant. Is this what happens with the smaller sizes? This needing a new size every 5-10 pounds? This is new territory for me.

I have spent so much money on new sizes throughout this whole thing. It’s ridiculous.

I’m cheap, obv. And hate shopping. And have no idea how to dress myself. And this:

Spending a ton on clothes is so not my priority right now. I can’t stand the sagging and the frump, though.

I mentioned that I have a crazy commute, right? It takes just under an hour to get to work each morning – and the same to get home each day, obv. I’m catching up on all kinds of listening.

Right now, I am loving Jillian Michaels’ podcast. I am not a big fan of The Biggest Loser and wasn’t interested in listening to her first podcast because I just assumed it would be irritating – but I started at the beginning this time around (she apparently stopped & then returned in 2011) and have been working my way through.

I’ve also been catching up on Fat 2 Fit Radio. I started listened to them at the very beginning of my weight loss – stopped – and am now just about caught up.

As always, I don’t agree with everything anyone has to say – but I think both of these podcasts offer decent, doable & realistic advice/info without a bunch of BS. Definitely recommend checking them out.

They’re keeping me entertained, anyway.