My little brother – the one who spent the past of couple of years in Key West – decided he’d had enough time in FL and started making arrangements to move to Knoxville shortly after my grandmother’s death around the 1st of the year. I haven’t lived in the same city (or within at least a 6 hour drive) as a member of my extended family for about 8 years, so I encouraged it, for sure.

One thing he told me before arriving last week? He wants to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle + be active.

Game ON.

Jon’s been working with a trainer lately who mentioned a Knox Walks program organized by the local track club.

Participants are asked to commit to attending one group walk every week for 9 weeks. In return, walkers will receive weekly educational material on fitness and nutrition, a t-shirt, and entry to the Knox Walks 5k on May 5, 2012.

Cody got here late last week just in time for the Saturday kick-off – so we jumped on it. Jon and I + his child #4 + Cody all signed up.

The first walk was pretty short since it occurred at the kick-off:

And it was cold …

But we opted to do it a second time.

We went back Monday night for the first official weekly walk.

I think it’s a great start for Cody. There’s little chance I would’ve otherwise gone straight from work to walking on a cold Monday night – so I’m glad we signed up, too.

I took him (and Jon) to Pilates on Tuesday night where he reported that he felt as if he might die from the pain – so I’m not so sure I’ll get him back there.

Now? We’re working on getting him away from frozen taquitos covered with fake cheese dip and the godforsaken Mtn Dew.

One step at a time.