Jon’s been cooking this weekend.

Curried Cream of Broccoli Soup:

Verdict: Good. Made a ton. We’ll probably freeze some for future meals.

It went really well with a leftover grilled (cold) pork chop.

Sweet & Salty Fudge Bombs:

I requested a brownie and wound up with these. See the link above – they’re pecans, dates, vanilla, cocoa powder, salt & unsweetened coconut.

Verdict: I wouldn’t say better than a brownie, but highly recommended. I had to put them away to prevent eating them all in one swoop.

Quick Pressure Cooker Bone Broth:

He’s in prep mode for his colonoscopy tomorrow, so this has been it for him today.

Expect see those bottles of Miralax on top of the refrigerator?

He just started chugging them.

He’s not so happy about drinking “sugar water” – says it makes him feel awful – but Miralax mixed with Gatorade (plus two Dulcolax pills) is the preferred method of the gastro.

(I wear layers + an electric blanket. He wears a hat.)