It’s official. 100 pounds lost!

I would have never tried if I’d known that it would take 4 years and 16 days to achieve this – but I’m SO GLAD it happened this way.

It was incredibly naive of me to think that such a major life overhaul would (or should) take little time and effort. I think I’m almost more proud of the fact that I’ve made steady progress over the 4 years and haven’t had to work toward re-losing anything but extremely minor blips here and there.

About 6 weeks prior to starting:

Lookout Mountain


Today’s a holiday for me, so I have a session with the trainer scheduled + I’ll probably go to the gym afterward. Seems like an appropriate way to spend my day.


The weekend in Memphis went well.

I was a little nervous about eating since I still have fear that a stomach revolt will start up again – but I planned ahead and got all obnoxious and bought my own food and mostly did my own thing.

Breakfast started like this each day:

(carrot juice, spinach, frozen pineapple & mango, fresh strawberries)

Turned into this:

We went out just once (where I learned that pork might not be such a good idea anymore).

I tried to do the multiple small meal thing despite being very busy, so I ate some snacks that looked like this:

(unsweetened full-fat yogurt + strawberries + walnuts + melted 88% choc)

My dad had lunch at his house following the funeral.

(ham + steamed green beans + steamed asparagus + plain salad + cornbread dressing)

I was feeling adventurous, so I ate pie, too.

I drug everyone out to a park for a walk one morning.

And I made them do masks with me …

And I played with a bunch of dogs …

And I took my little brother on a date …

Point is: I tried very hard to manage a really hard weekend. To just be. To not rely on food AND to keep the stomach revolt under control.

It worked.

(I’m so lucky.)