I’m having a hard time mustering the energy to look back at 2011 and reflect and all that. It wasn’t the best year – but it could have been much worse. I have many reasons to be thankful.

We’ve had a great holiday season – but I’m ready for the new year.

I love the energy of new starts.

Jon and I created our list of 2012 life, house and financial goals yesterday and roughly planned out our year – something most people think we’re crazy to do – but we’re planners.

2012 is exciting because life is stable now that I’m done with school and am starting the new job (!) tomorrow. It’s a year (finally!) that is easily planned.

I love the monotony of routines, too.

My #1 goal for 2012: good health.

I’ve taken care of just about everything medically – including going to a cardiologist and gastroenterologist to try to determine why I faint so frequently (most recent: the morning of Jon’s surgery – in the shower, just after I woke up).

I feel tremendous amounts of stress every time I deal with the appointments, but I am trying very hard to be even more proactive about my health than I’ve been in recent previous years.

Cholesterol = fantastic. Blood sugar levels = “nice and low.” Blood pressure = consistently low/normal. Everything else = normal.

One of my last steps in ensuring I’m aware of everything of concern: spent almost 5 (miserable/starving/dehydrated/uncaffeinated) hours at a hospital having a gastric emptying study the other day.

(They pricked my finger several times to check my blood sugar – something that semi-convinced me to finally buy a meter and do it at home because it was so interesting. I started the morning (after fasting all night, obv) at 77, jumped to 84 after eating the eggs + piece of toast they gave me at 10:30am and then dropped to 70 by almost 3pm when the scans were done.)

I spent so many years tearing up/seriously neglecting my body that I sometimes feel as if I have a lot to make up for and correct – so I’m glad I’m getting this stuff taken care of.

(Plus there’s Jon cancer diagnosis. Can’t deny that it scared the shit out of me.)

Weight-wise, I have a rough goal and would like to make it to 160 (at least) – but I have zero intention of making myself crazy over it.

Never thought I’d see the day that I would find dust on (and under) my scale, but it happened when I pulled it out from under the bed yesterday to weigh so that I could update my bio page.

Also interesting? This is the lowest weight I’ve seen.

I knew I hadn’t gained weight based on my clothes, etc. but was sort of surprised to see such a low number since I’ve done zero hardcore cardio the past few weeks + the holidays (+ cancer + Ireland + job stress, etc.).

I am seemingly doing very well with intuitive eating. Would seem crazy to rock the boat, huh?

For the first time EVER, I’m starting a year with peace about food, exercise and my health.

It’s nice.

The bio update:

I started 2008 at 272.
I started 2009 at 216.
I started 2010 at 192.
I started 2011 at 182.
I started 2012 at 177.5.

Food-wise, Jon and I are keeping on with our general way of doing things.

He eats a mostly paleo diet that he’s intending to be more strict about, but I am planning to continue to eat whatever he cooks + eat yogurt and fruit and white potatoes and whatever else feels ok to me. He really wants me to go full-on paleo with him – and almost had me talked into another 30 day trial – but I am just not willing to bring diet thinking of any kind into my life.

Not worth it.

One new thing we’re doing pretty consistently these days = smoothies for breakfast for easily added fruit/vegetables to accompany our protein (eggs).

I make mine with fruit …

… and have been adding baby food here and there out of laziness (and have sometimes added a little bit of leftover holiday OJ for added sweetness).

… and prefer mine to be very thick and chunky.

Jon’s are primarily vegetable based. This one = spinach, cucumber, blueberries, bok choy & mango.

Today’s = 1/2 an avocado, handful of cherry tomatoes, carrot, beet greens, arugula, watercress, (homemade) chicken stock

It was ok once I got past the appearance.

One other new thing Jon’s doing:

He didn’t really convince me to start drinking this stuff with his “pond water” description.

The only food related goals we’ve created re: good health = limiting restaurants to 6x/mo (that’s a pretty radical decrease that feels reasonable) + carving out time each weekend to make sure we’re prepared for the upcoming week since lack of preparation is our #1 downfall.

We’re at least starting out on the right foot.

Jon’s out riding his bike this morning + we’re planning to take a walk later this afternoon. Otherwise? We’re spending the day doing nothing (except finishing up season 1 of Downton Abbey … how did we just discover this?). Great end to the year/start of a new one.