Instead of dwelling, catastrophizing and treating myself via google – my preferred method of action – I called the office that x-rayed my foot to find out the opinion of the radiologist + determine what I should do to follow-up.

It’s fractured. My heel.

The ortho clinic gave me a boot to wear – with a horseshoe cut-out thing inside so that I put no pressure directly on the fracture – until my appointment with a foot specialist in a couple of weeks.

Sounds like it’s not that big a deal as far as injuries go – just painful until it heals.

I’m feeling a little more optimistic today.

I would look ridiculous on a treadmill with this thing – and I can’t do the stair stepper – but I can at least ride the recumbent bike. And it will force me to do a bunch of stretching – which I should be doing anyway – since the ortho guy freaked me out with his insistence that I stretch the fascia or risk permanent … I don’t know … tightness?

This is not exactly the best thing that could’ve happened right as I’m trying very hard to manage a bunch of life stress without food/exercise BS creeping in – but I am steadfastly remaining dedicated to my one-meal-at-a-time thinking and am feeling ok (today) that I can keep this from tipping me either toward a free-for-all or toward crazy restriction.

Would be easy, though. Very easy. The thoughts are there.

On one hand – dang if this wouldn’t give me total permission to eat whatever and “start over” later when I can exercise (esp since the trainer is on vacation until Jan, too). OTO, no exercise (or simple walking) right now could mean a need to harshly restrict/count things to not gain weight, right?

Seriously. Would be SO EASY to go either way with the mental games.

Except I know better.

It’s still sometimes weird to me that I’ve been in both places and can so clearly see that I shouldn’t embrace either – but STILL have to beat the competing thoughts back. I know this stuff will probably be with me forever – and it’s getting easier to manage with every blip – it’s just a little disheartening that something as simple as a foot injury has the potential to throw me into a tailspin.

Anyway. I’m glad I’m aware. Bones heal. I will be fine.