So, I slipped and fell down our stairs last Friday afternoon.

I haven’t been able to put any weight on my heel since it happened, so I had it x-rayed. Apparently I have the “mother of all bone/heel spurs.” Even worse = I cracked it slamming my foot down trying to prevent the fall.

I dealt with plantar fasciitis in June 2009 (according to the picture I took following a podiatrist appointment – I would remember nothing if I didn’t have thousands of pictures to remind me):

This heel spur is likely related and will likely cause problems indefinitely – and I’ve likely sparked off another round of plantar fasciitis BS.

I still can’t put any weight on my heel – so this totally screws up just about all immediate ability to exercise unless I learn how to swim (which is highly unlikely). I’m sure I’ve mentioned that VERY BAD THINGS happen when I don’t have some ability to exercise – even if it’s not every single day.

I am SO READY for 2011 to just fucking end already.

On a somewhat brighter note, I have discovered that gingerbread men smothered with almond butter = a fabulous breakfast.

… and it’s even better when eaten while covered with an electric blanket + a couple of dogs.