I went with Jon to his gastroenterologist this afternoon – the one who gave the cancer diagnosis.

I don’t think either of us had been back to his office since the day after the colonoscopy when we dropped off a CD with his PET scan results in hopes that he’d read it and give us some insight faster than the radiologist (which he did).

Walking into the office brought all of the sadness and utter terror we were in those first few days right back to the surface. I immediately remembered every moment of the those days – including ridiculous stuff like that I was wearing the same raincoat and shoes today – and felt a little bit of panic about going inside. I teared up just once, though, right after the doctor left the room. He seemed so excited about Jon’s progress and the fact that Jon “beat” the cancer that it made me happy + sad + relieved. The doctors weren’t all that excited or optimistic in the beginning, obviously.

We found out just how close Jon came to having open surgery + a colostomy given how low his tumor was. Jon’s surgeon specializes in minimally invasive surgery and we were told today that Jon’s successful laparoscopic surgery is a testament to the surgeon’s skill – but that there might be a trade-off. The trade-off? He might feel some nerve stuff (where the colon was put back together) for a while. It bothers him – but he seems to be MUCH MORE willing to deal with a little nerve pain/pressure than a potentially irreversible colostomy situation – so he’s happy he dodged that bullet.

He was told to start eating more fiber and was encouraged to eat bran buds (whatever that is) and All Bran and stuff like that. His comment (paraphrased)? “Yay (because he loves that nasty stuff), but it’s going to cause weight gain.” My comment? “You’re worried about ALL BRAN and not the 5,000 calories just consumed at an (Indian) buffet?”

We still have issues with differing beliefs re: nutrition/diet type stuff.

So. We brought home some metamucil samples and will be picking up some bran cereal and prunes tonight. I have memories of my great-grandmother eating stewed prunes on top of hot bran cereal – but I should probably lay off the comparisons to elderly people since Jon already complains enough about being old.

It took a while to get our tree decorated – even though we didn’t do anything elaborate – because last week was insanely busy. It’s finally done, though.

We have this thing where we get an ornament (or two) each year that represents something from the year – a big event or a trip or whatever. We haven’t been good at keeping up with dates since we haven’t had a tree in 5 years and have just been adding new ornaments to a box and forgetting about them – but we just started this 5 years ago, so it’s not a big deal.

Year #1 = the year we got married.

Somewhere in there – maybe year #1 or 2 = Henry. Not sure since he actually happened before we got married and started doing this.

We either forgot and got two – or he warranted representation a different year, too. Probably a little bit of both.

This one came from our year in Chattanooga. We bought it from a vendor at the Chattanooga Market.

We chose this one on our first Christmas trip (alone) to NYC.

This one came from our second Christmas trip (with kids) to NYC.

These two came from Germany.

This one came from our North/South Dakota road trip.

We chose this one from a shop in downtown Ann Arbor, MI during our year there.

These are pretty easy to understand.

Our most recent?

(colon cancer awareness ribbon)

We need more lights, but I already moved/hid the plug-in strip thing and I’m not going near the damn thing and risking more needles falling. I’m tired of vacuuming/sweeping.

Jon might be old, but he’s here for good – and I’m really excited about continuing our ornament collection and filling up future trees with more fun memories.