Jon received his most recent CEA results late last week: 3.0. NORMAL. Barely – but it’s there.

No chemo or radiation on the horizon.

He goes back next month for his first regularly scheduled 3 month check-up.

I sometimes can’t believe we received the cancer diagnosis just 2 months ago – yet we’re done with everything but the ongoing monitoring.

We’re staying at home this year for almost the entire month of December – so we have a tree for the first time in 5 years.

It barely fits (we had to move a chair upstairs), but I’m excited.

I love traveling – but I’m perfectly content to just be home until it’s warm enough for the beach.

We had a bunch of stuff to do today, but Jon cooked anyway.


I was craving pizza, so Jon made one for dinner:

He coated the dough with dried basil and Parmesan cheese before adding (the best) pesto.

Toppings = Mozzarella, spinach, tomato, Kalamata olives, onion and a little bit of Feta.

Best. EVER.

He also roasted a chicken (for salads throughout the week).


I weighed myself the other day out of curiosity. 180.0. Same as always.

I feel perfectly fine ending this year where I started (+/- a couple pounds – started at 182, I think) given the year.