I went to PT on Wednesday night (prior to Thanksgiving) for more torture and wound up talking about weight loss.

I almost never talk about how much weight I’ve lost – and NEVER talk about how much I’d like to lose with strangers – but it happened.

So I’m sharing my situation with these two men (originally because of my knees) and they asked what motivated me, what “secrets” I have, etc. and I casually mentioned a desire to lose 30 more pounds because … I don’t know. I felt like I needed to acknowledge that I’m not “done” or I felt like I needed to express that I know I’m still overweight or I was uncomfortable with the “whooo, look at me and my success” talk? No idea.

One of the men (with a wave of the hand, roll of the eyes, shoulder shrug and give-me-a-break tone) said, “Ohhh, you could do that if you really wanted to.”

My knee-jerk reaction? Asshole. The follow-up reaction? He’s right.

I really needed to hear that.

I wasn’t expecting it, but so appreciate it.

Jon finally agreed to let me take pictures of his belly now that it has mostly healed.

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this, but his surgery was laparoscopic. He’s 6 weeks out from surgery and is almost completely back to normal.