Jon received the results from his latest CEA level check late last week.

Still elevated, but decreasing.

It started (prior to surgery) at 69, dropped to 16 immediately after surgery and is now 7.4.

As I’ve mentioned, it was expected to drop to somewhere between 0 and 3 immediately after surgery.

We have no idea what’s going on. The plan? Another blood draw on Dec 1 and another PET scan if it’s not below 3. After that? A discussion about chemo/radiation.

I am a little agitated that we’re waiting again given the conversation we had with the oncologist wherein he mentioned that this latest blood draw (that produced the 7.4 result) would trigger a discussion about further action/treatment – yet that’s not happening. He also mentioned that he’s never experienced this – so I hope he did some research and is basing the wait on something.

This waiting and feeling like we’re in limbo? HELL when I think about it. Otherwise, I think we both pretend everything’s fine.

No need to prematurely freak out, I guess.

One benefit (or not depending on how you view it) to The Cancer? We met our deductible/max out-of-pocket for the first time ever.

Good thing since I made appointments to have EVERYTHING checked/tested and am quickly making it down the list.

I finally decided to do something about my knee so that I might be able to (force myself to learn to love to) run.

Apparently it’s my feet, not my knee – but I have lots of scar tissue that they worked on breaking up or poking out – or whatever it is they do with the little metal tools that feel like needles and produce bruises.

The blue stuff on my knee? Tape residue. The PT put my kneecap “in its proper place” and taped it up.

Also? They gave me ridiculously tight spandex shorts and zipped me into this anti-gravity treadmill.

I was interested to learn that they sell memberships for this treadmill – and noticed on the website that there is a nationwide locator (and assume other places do the same re: memberships/use?).

I would have LOVED it when I started out a few years ago 100 pounds overweight and putting a lot of pressure on my crunchy knee – though likely would have been way too embarrassed to seek something like this out. Would have been a good thing for me, though.

Anyway – my feet? The PT expressed some surprise and said I have the range of motion of a ballerina. Not a ballerina, obv, so I’m all off track.

I’m still trying re: the lunches since I really think it’s a good habit to maintain.


Time for work.