Jon’s mom had a birthday a few days ago – so he threw a party for her this weekend.

We drove down (to ATLish) early Saturday morning.

And drove back this morning.

It was a whirlwind, but so worth it.

Jon made soup + chili + cornbread.

And I was in charge of (buying) the cupcakes.

I bought them in Knoxville at Magpies and we transported them down in a cooler with dry ice.

(I’m surprised 6 dozen mini-cupcakes hung out with me overnight and each and every of the 6 dozen wound up intact and transported down there, too.)

The party was a touch and go thing d/t The Cancer, but Jon decided to organize it a couple of weeks ago and made it happen – and I’m glad. We had fun.

Jon + his mom + brothers:

No idea. I apparently need to work on body language even though I SWEAR I do not remember feeling as I looked.

It’s so interesting to have access to pictures taken by other people.

One of the best ideas? Giving a camera to a 5 year old.

We ate leftover cupcakes for breakfast this morning because … why not?

Plus we went out to breakfast before packing up the dog + child and heading home.

Today is the one year anniversary of my step-father’s sudden death (brain aneurysm while visiting me in MI), so the past few days have been kind of hard. I’m glad I had something fun to look forward to and to enjoy.

I am so incredibly grateful for the life I have.

I hope I never take it for granted.

Also? Go to the doctor, people. Take care of yourselves. It’s so incredibly worth it.

And! Happy Birthday, Sue!