We’ve had the best weekend.

We went to Le Parigo for dinner before seeing David Sedaris on Friday night. So fun.

Saturday, we woke up (naturally) early and headed to Chattanooga.

We spent the early part of our relationship in Chattanooga – and got married here (at this B&B) 5 years ago.

I used to live at the top of the hill and could walk to the pedestrian bridge I took this picture from –> downtown. Except I was 100 pounds overweight and rarely did it – and never did it without whining.

(Here! Bottom left.)

The drive down took an hour and a half, so we ate breakfast when we got there.

We split some yogurt + fruit.

Plus an egg, bacon and cheese panini.

And a slice of pumpkin bread.

We spent the rest of the morning walking around and talking about how much has changed in 5 years – both in Chattanooga and in our lives.

We stopped a few times along the way.

But we mostly just walked and talked. It was a beautiful day.

Lunch happened at Thai Smile since we used to eat there pretty frequently when we lived nearby. (Yelp reviewers (the link) are so interesting to me, btw. I skip every single review for every single restaurant when the word “authentic” shows up. I have never – not once – encountered a person express some credibility about how/why they understand “authentic.” Seems so pretentious.)

I have no idea how “authentic” this place is – and don’t care – but I like it. We shared, of course.

I ordered green curry.

Jon’s choice:

We went back near Rembrandt’s (to retrieve our car) – so we picked up dessert.

My choice = puff pastry + chocolate mousse + fondant + buttercream on top.

OMG. I loved that the light/fluffy puff pastry + mousse wasn’t overpowered by a bunch of buttercream. Jon thought it was too sweet.

He chose a cranberrry + walnut scone, though – probably the least sweet thing available – so our opinions differ, obv, when it comes to stuff like this.

We picked up a couple of little pecan tarts, too. I was hoping they’d be more like pecan pie, but they weren’t. Good, though.

We drove around for a while and looked at where we each lived + where I worked/went to school (I attended college in 4 different cities because I apparently couldn’t just do it the easy way) + places we used to go.

It was a really fun day.

We realized, though, that most of our memories involve restaurants of some kind – so this restaurant habit we’re trying to break? Probably going to suck for a WHILE.

We stopped and picked up a take & bake pizza on the way home.

Today is all about preparing for next week since I HAVE! A! JOB! Meal planning + grocery shopping + house cleaning, etc. is happening. But no restaurants since we met our quota yesterday.

(I accepted a job at a psych residential tx facility and will be working on a locked unit with 13-17 yo girls who have been diagnosed with emotional and/or behavioral disorders and/or chemical dependency. This is WAY outside of my comfort zone since I’ve largely only worked with (and generally prefer working with) adult men. I’m terrified of teenage girls. I feel so incredibly lucky for so many reasons, though – especially since everything worked out time-wise re: Jon’s surgery/cancer.)

(Just to clarify since I’ve been asked re: my last post: I was miserable in MI ONLY because of the stress related to school and the separation from Jon/my home. I loved Ann Arbor. The only minor irritant might have been the frequent encounters with people with a propensity to try to out-liberal everyone – because that shit drives me crazy. Big picture, though? Not a bad thing to have to deal with.)

(Also, whoever got here by googling “garlic enema”: I can’t help you, but PLEASE explain if you’re still around.)