I just went back and read everything I posted last November and now I have a stomachache. Awful time.

But! Today is our 5th anniversary.

Seems appropriate to do a little recap:

Last year – I was a miserably stressed grad student. Now – I’m DONE.
Last year – I lived in Michigan. Now – I’m back in TN (where I belong).
Last year – I had a step-father. Now – The 1 year anniversary of his death is rapidly approaching.
Last year – Jon was sick a lot of the time but “healthy.” Now – he feels well but … cancer.
Last year – I was unemployed and worried I’d never graduate and get on with living like a normal adult again. Now – I’m employed (offered a position yesterday!).
Last year – I weighed 182ish and was in turmoil about it. Now – I’m close to the same and just don’t care.
Last year – I thought Intuitive Eating was stupid. Now – I’ve found peace with it.

I know I’ve posted pictures from our wedding day in the past and I swear I get tired of me, too, when I start in about how crazy it is that we were so different. But seriously. It’s crazy. I’m not sure I will ever fully get over the fact that I’m that person – but I’m not.

Oct 2006 – my mom had a party for us at her house (my hometown) prior to our wedding (that nobody but immediate family was invited to).

Jon & Sarah

I’m reminded now how the (seriously shaggy) dog came to be so spoiled. (He was 7 months old.)

Jon & Henry


Also Oct 2006 – in Savannah, GA:

Savannah, GA

Our 1st Anniversary (Nov 2007) in Chattanooga:

Lookout Mountain

We hiked to the top of Mount LeConte (3rd highest peak in the Smoky Mountains National Park) in Oct 2008 (close to our 2nd anniversary):

(And I almost died.)

This day is seared in my mind as one of the best of the weight loss situation. We hiked something like 12 miles that day. I was barely able to walk again once I stopped moving, but made it into an Italian place and had a fabulous dinner. (I never forget a good meal.)

(Was scared of bears then, too.)

We were in Boston around our 3rd anniversary in Nov 2009:

We were miserably living in Michigan last year for our 4th:

And now we’re home. Together. Happy. And getting better (in many ways) each day.

I said something in what I posted last year about not being a fan of anniversary celebrations because of my dislike of “marriage,” in general – and that still holds true (though I’m not feeling quite as negative this time around; was in a seriously bad place last year) – but we’re not dead or divorced from the stress of two parental deaths + life upheavals/changes + cancer + general kid/finance/house/life drama, etc.

I think that warrants some celebration this time around.

We have reservations for dinner at a French restaurant + tickets to see David Sedaris tonight + we’re going to spend the day in Chattanooga tomorrow.

I’m so, so lucky to be married to my best friend. I can’t imagine life any other way.

(Also? How cute was he?)