Have I ever mentioned that we’re sort of prissy about what the dog eats, too?

(Below me.)

We know he’s allergic to corn, so we’ve always been very careful about his regular (dry) food and any treats we buy and we never deviate from the norm (even though it’s sometimes a total PITA to have ONE store nearby that sells what we feed him) – and he never gets “people food” other than whatever drops (as he sits at Jon’s feet) when cooking.

(His hair is still pretty thin on the back half of his body from that particularly itchy allergy (stress?) situation when we weren’t around/paying attention much d/t The Cancer.)

I don’t do the forcing the pill thing, though, so he’s getting a new treat lately (with his antibiotic for the red spots + benadryl):

I thought it was sort of funny when I saw the all natural/GRAIN FREE declaration on there so largely. I’ve been aware, but had no idea this sort of thing had so prominently crossed over to dog food since I don’t spend time browsing dog food aisles – one benefit to never deviating from the norm, I guess.

Jon occasionally mentions this idea that we should feed him a raw (meat) diet – an idea I often run across on both animal related sites and paleo blogs and (will probably always) continue to classify as “never going to happen” – so no.

He’d likely love it – but I think it would totally change my opinion of my sweet little dog.

Technically, he’s a rodent chaser/eater, anyway, if we’re looking at things from an evolutionary standpoint – and we’re definitely NEVER EVER going there.

So – Monday night was the Mexican + margarita situation (again) that I last posted about. Things have been ok since then, though.

And were ok all day leading up to that.

Normal (albeit small) breakfast:

Leftover meatballs for lunch:

(Just to clarify again: I don’t consider the restaurants – or the choices made in them – to be bad/negative things, per se. We just need to make different choices on a more regular basis right now so that a new habit forms. The transition continues to suck, but I REFUSE to feel guilty about food. I’m not perfect – and will never be so. I just know that a little bit of transparency here helps me make a different/desired choice more often than not.)



(Too much sugar too early in the day + way too little protein. Wound up starving + headachey. I just can’t consider those bars to be meal type food.)


(I always cut them open and eat the guts with a fork – and often don’t necessarily eat the tortilla thing.)

Dinner (it was dark + I was too lazy to go upstairs to get my actual camera) = brussels sprouts + onions + mushrooms + sausage:

Not sure what today holds.