I can’t believe it’s been three and a half weeks since Jon’s surgery – and just over a month since his diagnosis.

Time has flown by.

At the same time, though, it feels as if it drags … as if we’ve been waiting for something – surgery date, restrictions to end, test results – for an eternity.

It’s a strange thing – the before/after phenomenon.

He continues to make substantial physical progress. He barely made it 15 minutes the last time we went for a walk on the greenway. Today?

It was a gorgeous day – so that helped.


We’ve been doing well with the eating at home (for us) – and have been limiting to weekends only. I think I mentioned the Mexican + margaritas lunch on Friday. Our other splurge for the weekend? Lunch at Aegean Mediterranean Grille.

I had the falafel entree.

Jon had the lamb gyro platter.

We also split some lemon rice soup.

We almost went out to lunch again today – but didn’t.

I had a salad instead (with a little bit of leftover turkey from last night’s dinner: roasted turkey + roasted brussels sprouts).

This (half of it) also happened at lunch:

I need to stay out of grocery stores while I’m feeling sorry for myself re: the restaurants. I’m impulse purchasing all kinds of stuff. Not bad – overall – I just don’t need cupcakes and brownies EVERY DAY.

(SO. GOOD. btw.)

The thing is: I WANT to stop the restaurant habit. I do.

But I don’t.

It’s fun – one of our primary sources of recreation. So it’s hard. I think it’s just going to get harder as it gets darker earlier and we have nothing to do and we lose motivation to deal with cooking because we’re falling asleep by 8pm.

One meal at a time, as always, I guess.

Jon made a fairly easy dinner tonight: meatballs + sauce + asparagus.

The meatballs = 1/2 beef + 1/2 turkey + spinach + garlic + onion + spices + Parmesan cheese + an egg. Looks kind of gross, I know – but he baked them, of course.

He used a jar of sauce to speed the process up.

He added fresh peppers, onion, garlic + mushrooms.

He roasted the asparagus. I added feta to the top.

Very, very good.

We finally bought a freezer (and put it in the basement) – a definite step toward ensuring we eat decent stuff (meat) at home.

Jon has big plans to stock it.

First up? He’s expecting half a deer tomorrow from a hunter/co-worker who offered it for half the price of processing ($30).

Not sure how I feel about it. Not a big fan of eating things that aren’t easily found in grocery stores.