I weighed myself this morning for the first time since whenever it is I last said I weighed myself (and weighed 181.5).

I rarely bother these days because I generally know what’s going on based on how I feel/how my clothes fit/etc. but I was curious because we finally had Jon’s requested Mexican + margaritas lunch yesterday + this was my dinner:

(I didn’t eat ALL of them. Just about 95%. And threw the uneaten bites away.)

(And they were tiny … )

But still. Not a stellar day.

I somehow woke up feeling less jiggly and not as bloated as I expected to feel, though – and wound up 2 pounds lighter than last week or so.

The human body is a weird, weird thing.

I got dressed, went to the gym – then came home and ate a typical breakfast.

Which is exactly why this maintenance situation works for me despite less than stellar days: I just refuse to give up.