The oncologist called Jon this morning. His CEA level = 16.

As I’ve mentioned, it was expected to be somewhere in the 0-3 range. Preferably something like 0.3.


He’ll have another blood draw late next week. And we wait some more.

The fabulous news? Liver, bone, etc. tests = normal.

Sometimes bowel issues (constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, etc.) cause an elevation – all of which Jon is experiencing since surgery and some of which prompted all of this in the first place – so we’re not panicking.

I think I’ve mentioned before that Jon and I had worked out this agreement wherein I would eat whatever he cooks but would continue to do my own (carb) thing when fending for myself. Well, I went so far as to start my own junk collection in a cabinet in the dining room – out of immediate sight – away from our “regular” food.

I have three thoughts about this cabinet situation.

1) I might be a genius for segregating this stuff and reducing the time it’s in front of my face.

2) I might be crazy for segregating this stuff because I should be able to have this sort of stuff around without craziness.


3) I can’t believe how far I’ve come.

There was a time that this sort of stuff would’ve NEVER lasted in any house of mine. I have THREE unopened bars of chocolate that have been sitting there for a long time. Crazy.

I was starting to feel sort of bad about it this morning when I took stock of the situation – but then I realized that I purchased less than half of what’s in there: the dried fruit, cinnamon almonds, bags of granola, sesame crackers and the tin of (boy scout) popcorn (purchased because the kid was engaging/endearing enough to catch my attention despite the organization affiliation + I’m a sucker) are my only purchases. Well over half of the stuff came from the gift basket Jon received after surgery – and the crackers are surgery related, too.

And #3 above. It’s a big deal. I spent a couple of days off track recently – but I’m ok. My cabinet might be full of junk – but IT is still full of the junk, not me.

(Although my breakfast this morning DID mostly come from the cabinet.)


This? A burp.

Zero manners. But so sweet.