I think I might be a little crankier than usual today/this week – but I’m trying to remember if there was as much ridiculous discussion about “healthier alternatives” to Halloween candy during previous years.

I received an email from a local grocery store promoting their trade day – can trade Halloween candy for a “healthy” alternative today – and I’m trying to remember if there was ever a time during my militant dieting phase that I would have embraced this sort of thing. I just don’t know. Doubt it.

As someone fairly well-versed re: things like obesity and eating issues/disorders – and who cares a great deal about good health – I’m pretty sure I would let my hypothetical kid eat the GD candy.

Moderation. Big picture.

Also? I truly believe any kid who would happily trade in a bunch of candy for a “healthier alternative” is probably going to be just fine, anyway.

We do the same thing every Halloween. Jon makes soup + cornbread + we watch movies/tv between knocks on the door + I eat some candy.

I don’t think he ever uses a recipe for soup. This one = beef + tomatoes + spices + a bag of frozen vegetables (that included things like okra and lima beans and green beans) + black beans. I put cheese + yogurt on top of mine.


I wasn’t sure if he’d be on board with making cornbread – but he was.

I crumbled mine in the soup and made a paste-like thing. I won’t show it since it looks awful but – SO GOOD.

We’ve been eating pork (in various forms) for days.

Otherwise? Nothing exciting.

We’ve been doing well curbing our desire to eat out – one of my current primary goals.

We had a breakfast date one day last week where I totally deviated from the norm and wound up with a stomachache.

Jon did, too.

Other than that – I think this was the only other meal eaten somewhere other than home (besides half a bowl of soup one night when we met friends for coffee and wound up eating a late/spontaneous/small dinner).

(There’s shrimp under the breading + sauce. Had no idea what we were ordering when we picked it to split – no description outside of shrimp + walnuts (which turned out to be pecans). Good, but probably won’t choose it again since we generally lean more toward spicy/savory.)

We’re making decent progress.

Jon went back to work yesterday. I think he’s surprised at how exhausting it has turned out to be. He called on his way home yesterday and told me he must just be inherently lazy because 4 hours wiped him out – completely forgetting, I guess, that he had major surgery TWO AND A HALF WEEKS AGO.

No news yet re: the CEA level.

I hate suspense.