Here’s why I should always exercise – every single day – without fail: I feel FABULOUS.

Like everything is going to be ok (it is). Like I don’t want to eat a pint of ice cream for dinner. Like the world will not end if I spend time reading a book vs. being “productive.” Like I can slow down and just exist and think without totally losing it.

It wipes out some of the crazy is what I’m saying. No idea why I repeatedly forget that and fail to prioritize appropriately.

Jon was able to spend 20 minutes on the elliptical. He did the hydro-massage thing, too, but said it creeped him out to have it pulse on his back/jostle his guts around – so stuck to legs.

He was pretty tired – had to rest when we got home – so Henry and I did the same. We’re so going to miss him when he goes back to work (part-time next week!).


We met with his surgeon yesterday – everything is great. He’s healing well. No issues from a surgical standpoint. He’s off the restricted diet and can eat whatever he wants. Can exercise (obviously) as long as he does nothing to engage his core (can’t lift anything, etc.) – running, etc. is fine as long as he feels no pain.

He was pretty happy to be able to eat fried eggs this morning.

And a salad for lunch. I don’t think I realized just how many raw vegetables we actually consume until he was restricted from them.

My lunch = a salad + leftover crab cake and green beans from our celebratory “can eat anything” dinner the previous night.

Jon received a really nice/thoughtful gift basket when he got home from the hospital – full of good stuff!

So – I tried a Larabar for the first time today.

There’s not a drop of Karo corn syrup in it – so I think the “pecan pie” part is a little misleading. I KNOW pecan pie. This was not pecan pie.

But it was ok. For a date bar.

There is a certain chain restaurant that Jon – while not theoretically opposed to the “chain” part, of course – just will not patronize. Just won’t/hasn’t (willingly) since I’ve known him. His daughter is a server there now, though. So. Dinner happened there tonight. Never say never, I guess.


His surgeon mentioned the possibility that Jon might be completely done. No radiation. We won’t know for sure until the end of the week, but it’s EXTREMELY comforting that the medical professionals we encounter are becoming more and more positive.