We are so totally exhausted.

Jon finally slept for about 3 straight hours last night – the longest stretch since surgery – but his temp spiked in the middle of the night and ended it. 101.6 meant lights on, bed raised, and some air sucking with his fancy plastic breathing contraption.

His temp dropped over the span of half an hour or so – so the concern dropped and the doctor wasn’t called – but he was still checked on pretty frequently for a temp reading.

Plus they’ve been coming in to draw blood at 3 each night. Plus they’ve been coming in to empty his catheter thing & do the usual BP, pulse, etc. once an hour.

It’s just not easy to sleep.

I think he (and I) have slept about 4 hours total each night. I am so grateful for the excellent care he’s receiving, but will be SO GLAD to get home and be able to sleep without interruption.

Otherwise – things are great. It’s been sort of interesting watching his recovery and observing the tiny improvements he’s making each day.

He spent most of the day out of bed and moving around – which meant he could be out of his foot squeezer things (that are preventing blood clots).

He was able to take a shower and walk up and down the hall – things he absolutely couldn’t do just yesterday.

He also graduated to a full liquid diet (a step up from a clear liquid diet). I think soft food will happen tomorrow.

His catheter came out today (which I don’t think was as bad as he thought it would be) – and he willed his bladder to work so he wouldn’t have to have it reinstated.

He doesn’t need oxygen anymore as of this morning.

His belly seems to be waking up, too, though he has no appetite or desire to eat – just rumbles.

Overall – he’s doing incredibly well. I’m amazed at how quickly he’s gone from not having the energy to move his legs to walking down the hall.

We both feel so incredibly lucky and so happy with his progress.