Cancer Eradication Day is FINALLY almost over.

We were pretty nervous this morning, but it went very well.


The surgery itself took 4 and a half hours, but it’s been a long/stressful day.

He told me he was near a clock when he initially woke up – and then felt pain in his right side (despite knowing the colon section that was removed is located on the left) – so decided they must have removed his liver since so much time had elapsed – and was totally ok with that line of thinking. His only explanation for that one is the drugs.

Luckily, his liver is perfectly healthy and beautiful. There were no visibly obvious tumors in the surrounding lymph nodes – but the pathology report will provide the final ruling. The surgery was reportedly very easy since Jon is so healthy, in general. We were anticipating 2-4 hours. Just had no idea those 4 hours would seem like 20.

He’s groggy and sleeping most of the time and is still fairly incoherent, but we’re both so relieved it’s over.


Sad and stressful day – but the tumor is gone!

I’m posting from my phone – something I’ve never done – but I learned that I’d have to go down to the lobby to ask for the wireless code and I’m too lazy/tired + incredibly reluctant to leave the room. So – I hope this works out well.

Here’s what I ate (all from the cafeteria):



Lunch: chicken & broccoli


Dinner: pork + carrot soufflé + more broccoli


It might look better than a big mac, but it’s deceiving. I know what real butter tastes like and I’m quite sure my broccoli wasn’t floating in it.

Thank you all so much for the kind words/thoughts/etc.