Yesterday was an incredibly bad day. No distinct reason – just a day that sucked.

I did nothing to try to make it better – a situation that is totally reflected in the food I chose throughout the day.

I ate the leftover crock pot stuff for breakfast (and was misguided when I posted it the other day – there are no apples – here is the actual recipe).

Also? Cake.

Jon had a lunch appointment that canceled, so I met him instead.

I don’t know what either of these things are called, but this one is crispy/fried shrimp + jalapenos + onions.

Noodles with a bunch of stuff. (Definitely no career in food/restaurant reviewing, huh?)

We texted back and forth about dinner. He had some sausage thawing on the counter. I wanted a hamburger + fries. He wanted a margarita + Mexican food. We both decided maybe we’d just eat cake.

Then neither of us were hungry (me because I’d eaten another piece of cake when I got home from lunch) and thought maybe we’d skip dinner.

We finally settled – but I wound up disappointed because it didn’t compare to the hamburgers Jon grills. But I ate it all, of course.

I spent the entire night on the couch moaning about my stomachache.

Here’s the thing: I like this sort of stuff and don’t have a hangup (anymore) about any of it being “bad.” It makes me physically sick, though, to eat this sort of heavy/greasy stuff all day long – and I know it – but I did it anyway because I was feeling sorry for myself.

I will NEVER understand why feeling sorry for myself/bad day = punishment. Because that’s what it is. There’s no doubt. I ate a THIRD piece of cake after the hamburger even though my stomach was already hurting.

So. It happened. I feel better this morning.

I ate my yogurt in the dark.

And now I’m headed to a session with the trainer – and probably an hour or so of cardio at the gym afterward. (My normal routine. I’m not trying to undo yesterday.)

I had a cavity filled almost 4 weeks ago and I am still in so much pain that I’m still regularly taking ibuprofen.

It hurts to eat so I chew only on one side. It throbs when I wake up (and often wakes me up). It’s still intensely sensitive to hot/cold.

I’ve been back to the dentist for an “adjustment” TWICE since I’ve been home from Ireland.

I’ve never had a cavity before so the dentist says I’m just super sensitive to any change/pain. (BS)
His other theory is that my propensity to grind my teeth is preventing it from healing. (Maybe)

I have been stressing about the ibuprofen since I am highly reluctant to take stuff like that – so every now and then I try to wean myself off of it – but it’s awful. Can’t do it.

I have no idea what’s going on, but it’s wearing me down.

Anybody have any that-totally-happened-to-me-and-it-got-better advice?