Watch this:

Really. Watch it.

(Thanks, Tanya.)

We’ve had a good weekend.

Jon and his child #4 ran a 5k. She won her category (15-19) – which was exciting – and he survived. I stayed at home on the couch until it was time to go to the HoLa Festival (eat).

We’ve done a bunch of other stuff, but the most exciting news?

I grew sprouts. From seeds.

This is just the strangest thing to me. No dirt. No water (other than the initial day). One day they’re seeds in a dirt-less, dry jar – the next they’re edible green things.

(It’s possible that I am highly amused these days due to lack of human contact and intelligent conversation during most daylight hours. But still. It’s strange.)

The other big news? I found a new and excellent source that will enable me to sustain my basil addiction (since I somehow killed the plant). I have no idea where it was grown or how it was grown but I don’t care. $1.49.

I was so tempted. Just because.