We’ve been home (in the US, anyway) since last Friday night – so almost a week – but it’s all been a blur.

Will be home soon.

I had to look through the pictures I’ve taken lately to determine just exactly what it is I’ve been doing.

It made me sort of sad to look back through the Ireland stuff. I’m happy to be home, but the trip was so fun and was an absolutely fabulous experience. I can’t wait to do it (elsewhere) again.

We flew back in to ATL since Jon’s mom had Henry (and our car).

Had a fantastic trip, but so happy to be home.

I expected to be miserable and exhausted on the almost 9 hour flight – but it wasn’t so bad.

The food, though? Awful. Seriously. I probably would’ve been better off staying hungry for the day.

We had eaten a surprisingly decent breakfast at the airport just prior to boarding, though.

Jon had eggs + mushrooms on focaccia.

I had plain porridge + plain yogurt w/granola (the little cups are full of honey).

I swear oatmeal is the BEST meal for me when I feel sick/overstuffed/hungoverish. It just does nothing for me hunger-wise.

We drove home from ATL on Saturday afternoon and contemplated going to our favorite Mexican place once we arrived, but decided that we’d had enough re: the food and the gluten and the carbs. We both felt awful + lethargic + bloated + gross and wanted some normalcy.

(Interestingly, it still seems so weird to think that my current “normal” way of eating used to be a “diet” (a hardship), though – and that once upon a time I would’ve come back from a trip and either A) fought like hell to ignore how badly I felt as I continued eating huge amounts of junk all the time since I would’ve “ruined everything” anyway or B) gone on a restrictive punishment diet to fix everything.

This time? I just felt like I was ready to eat stuff that makes me physically feel well. Dessert every night is fun, but it gets old.

The whole thing really drives home how much of the weight loss situation was (and is) mental/emotional for me – and how much has changed in just 6 months or so.)

So – anyway – wasn’t hard to go back to normal.

Jon grilled pork chops + orange beets + acorn squash one night.

Which meant lots of leftovers for lunches.

He baked salmon and asparagus another night.

I’ve been eating a bunch of my typical meals during all of my Free! Time! at home during the day.

(I so missed this while in MI. It’s the best I’ve ever had.)

These things have zero taste.

But I wanted crunchy + salty.

Today’s breakfast: (1/3c yogurt + half a small box of cranberries + 1/4 c PB granola + 1/4c frozen blueberries)

Meal #2:

I bought the almond butter over the weekend just after we got home and were restocking/planning for the week ahead. I didn’t read the label because I see this brand on blogs pretty frequently and just assumed I’d like it. Turns out I like it A LOT.

Why? Sugar!

Good lesson re: reading labels. I’m no purist – just prefer my sugar to mostly come in brownie form.

I noticed the texture was different as soon as I opened it (probably d/t the palm oil?). I generally buy plain nut butters – so this was a little bit of a surprise. The no-stir part should’ve tipped me off.

Meal #3: (2 oz cheese + 1T mayo + a dill pickle + the tasteless crackers)


Meal #4: (leftovers – chicken sausage + spinach + onion mixture in a squash)


I’ve met with the trainer twice this week and have been to the gym several times, too.

I’ve been so happy to be back to a typical routine that I even worked out once when I forgot my earbuds AND the tvs were covered (d/t construction) AND it was empty (i.e., nothing to look at) since it was mid-day. Pretty boring – and generally a combination that would have me walking back out in search of something else to do – but I survived.

I wasn’t planning to weigh myself for a while since it’s generally ridiculous to weigh after vacations (esp a nearly two week one that included some alcohol + dessert each and every night).

I think I weighed on Tuesday, though – so, 2ish full days after getting home – and weighed 182.5. I generally hover around 179-180 (and solidly weighed 182 for AGES), so I’m fine with that. A little surprised – but maybe this intuitive eating thing can really work? Like – for real. All the time.


Jon’s genetic info came back. The new doctor was right. Negative. No celiac. No chance.

We’re back to square one.

We are planning to continue to avoid gluten (esp since every piece of food currently in our house is gluten free) – but we don’t have to be quite as militant.

Honestly? I’m fine to continue since I do legitimately think it’s best for us health-wise, but I am extremely relieved I can eat cupcakes in my own house again without fear of slowly killing my husband.

Jon is back on track with the paleo eating – and I fully support him – but I just can’t/don’t want to do it. I’ve figured out a good situation for myself and I don’t want to rock the boat by adding dietish thinking back to my life.

We’ve had some issues with being on different pages in the past, but I think we’ve worked out a decent compromise. I eat whatever he cooks and don’t bug him to cook and/or buy something he doesn’t want to eat – and he doesn’t nag me about the fruit and sweetened yogurt and crackers and hummus I buy for myself.

Seems fair enough.