The goal was to make it to Dublin – with a stop in Belfast on the way down for a few hours of sightseeing.

We ate breakfast in Portrush one last time before heading out. I skipped the bacon this time around.

We had no idea what to do when we got to Belfast, so we found a public parking garage and then found the nearest tourist info/bus. We wanted to see as much as possible in a relatively short amount of time – so we did a 90 minute bus tour.


(Peace wall – barrier between Catholic and Protestant neighborhood)


(Titanic/shipyard stuff)

We made it to Dublin around dinnertime and checked into our hotel.

The view from this window differs yet again – it’s definitely no donkey.

(Christ Church Cathedral)

We walked around for a while and finally settled on an Italian place. We could have chosen the 3-course situation again, but opted out since it was fairly early and we wanted to walk more + get dessert/drinks elsewhere.

I had a salad + spaghetti carbonara.

Jon had meatballs + some sort of rigatoni/bacon/cream that was fabulous.

We walked … and walked … and walked. The city is not overly huge, but we had no plan or idea where we were going – so we walked a lot and saw a lot.

We wound up back at our hotel for dessert. We ate in the lobby/bar area and I read a local newspaper + Jon read a book + we saw some interesting women try to make their way into the hotel before being ushered out.


Today was all about Dublin. We started (after skipping breakfast – which was a mistake because I was STARVING since I’m eating so many carbs lately) with a 2 and a half hour walking history tour.

(I’m always the youngest person willingly on these tours.)

(City Hall)

(Trinity College)

(Dublin Castle)

Fun morning.

We got a succinct, informative and interesting run-down from 9,000 years ago to now – which seems impossible – but was very possible and very well done.

We did some shopping + ate lunch after the tour.

I had a tuna club sandwich (and homemade ginger ale).

Jon had chicken wings – the apparent specialty of Elephant & Castle.

We mostly just hung out this afternoon.

Jon picked up Chinese take-out and we ate dinner in our room while watching a movie via his iPad (that he hooked up to the tv somehow). I’m a little disappointed that we weren’t more enthused about a last big hurrah – but we’re exhausted.

We leave tomorrow.

Best trip of my life, no doubt.

My only regret – I would have loved to have had more time in Belfast. I am fascinated by the history/violence/current peace effort and would have liked to have been able to walk around the neighborhoods.

I can’t believe it’s over.

I’m ready to go home and have my dog + bed + normal food back, though.

The problem with trips like this? We’re already wanting to plan another.