Breakfast was somewhat better.

I didn’t end the meal feeling like I might pass out – so there’s that, anyway.

Our plan for the day was to make it to the ruins of Dunluce Castle and to the Giant’s Causeway – both of which we accomplished.

The castle dates back to the late 16th/early 17th century:

It has largely been in ruins for a long, long time, though. According to “local tradition,” part of the castle fell into the sea (with some of the staff) around 1639.

The whole area was stunning.

(I’ve given up on trying to restrain my hair.)

I’ve pretty much walked around for the past 9 days uttering a continuous stream of OHMYGAWD.

The Giant’s Causeway is either a pathway to Scotland created by an Irish Giant named Finn McCool or it’s about 40,000 hexagonal basalt columns formed during a volcano eruption 60 million years ago.

We chose to walk vs. taking the trolly despite the wind/rain/cold because we needed some exercise. I’m glad. It was beautiful.

The Antrim Coast, in general, is beautiful. I’m glad we made it up here.

I ate apple pie + drank a pot of tea (& Jon had a cider) once we made it back to our hotel.

We ate/drank while sitting in the lobby reading/people watching/killing a few hours in a warm & dry place. It was nice.

We ventured out for dinner – but not far. Just walked to a nearby restaurant and had the early-bird 3-course special as we’ve done before.

My starter was a fish cake.

Jon had mushroom & garlic bruschetta.

My main course was spicy sesame chicken (breast) w/a mango sauce & fried onions.

Jon had a pasta dish of some sort w/chicken and sundried tomatoes.

(No news yet from the genetic testing re: celiac but he says he doesn’t currently feel dramatically worse eating gluten – so – we’re living in fantasy land for now.)

My dessert was chocolate & orange torte w/ice cream.

Jon chose the Bailey’s cheesecake.

Up next? Belfast & Dublin.