We made the journey from Sligo, Ireland to Portrush, Northern Ireland.

Before we left, I ate what I am going to claim as my last full breakfast.

It’s just too much.

Especially when the morning is spent driving – not working on a farm. I keep feeling like I need a nap just after breakfast.

We didn’t plan much of our trip ahead of time (just the towns we’d be staying in + I made reservations at the B&Bs/hotels in advance) – so we talked about what we might want to do as we drove and wound up stopping at Bushmills Distillery when we arrived near Portrush.

We did the tour – which was interesting. They were officially licensed as a distillery in 1608, but there are references to distilling at Bushmills as far back as 1490.

I chose a hot whiskey (with cinnamon, I think?) with my drink ticket.

Jon had plain (disgusting) whiskey.

I think I was surprised I could actually tolerate it. Plus, I suddenly learned hot whiskey is, in fact, hot.

We had lunch at the bistro at our hotel shortly after we arrived.

Jon had an open prawn sandwich.

There’s bread under what tasted somewhat similar to shrimp + thousand island dressing.

I chose the soup of the day (cream of vegetable) + a ham & cheese sandwich.

We walked around Portrush for a while.

It’s EXTREMELY windy here d/t hurricane Katia, though.

So we spent the evening in our room reading.

Didn’t even leave for dinner.

I had salmon (the green stuff is pesto).

Jon had “filet of Irish beef” + pesto mash.

Dessert = triple truffle cheesecake.