I swear I think each day is better than the one before.


We got up and ate breakfast and then headed out to meet a farmer to go on a guided walk to explore the Burren.

I should’ve been nervous when the guy questioned my sanity re: my lack of rain pants (and choice to wear jeans) – but I honestly thought maybe he was just an assholeish type of guy.

I had no idea we were going to park our cars at the side of a mountain and walk up. Or maybe I did and I was in denial about what that would actually look like. I don’t know.

It was scary.

I worried constantly that I would slip and fall + we were incredibly high up.

This is a life experience I will remember forever, though.

I climbed to the top of a mountain that has been farmed for thousands of years. In Ireland.

With wind so strong I worried it would knock me down.


The guide had zero sympathy.

At one point, he stopped to tell us all about the wildlife of the Burren while the rain and wind were so crazy we could barely hear him.

It was all so worth it.

The guide actually wasn’t an asshole at all. He turned out to be extremely friendly and knowledgeable about botany, geology, etc.

And he brought whiskey.

(Inside an old stone fort at the top – which I learned means someone’s yard. Also learned that 3-4 generations shared forts. And that – a long time ago – they heated with “cow dung” that the women collected.)

(Outside the fort after it started raining.)

We had two hours of beautiful weather and two hours of rain.

Best 4 hours of the trip, no doubt.

Saturday night, we went to a medieval banquet at Dunguaire Castle in a town called Kinvara (Co. Galway).

It had great potential to be totally cheesy, but we were excited about it anyway.

It started with a mead reception.

Then dinner.

Then 45 minutes or so of poetry, storytelling and music.

Turned out to be incredibly fantastic.

OH – almost forgot. Jon looked out our bedroom window and caught the donkey and the dog playing with each other.

They were having some serious fun together.

I can totally see Henry enjoying a playmate.