I was really hoping to be able to document most of our trip in real time – but it’s just not possible. The condensed/few words version hasn’t even been possible the past few days.

I’m generally so exhausted each night I barely have time to upload the pictures from the day.

If I don’t document something relatively quickly, though, I’ll never go back.

So. Here’s a start.


The day started with breakfast, of course.

Afterward, we took a boat to Inisheer – one of the Aran Islands – and spent a few hours exploring (and eating and drinking).

The island (population 200) itself was pretty interesting – and beautiful in its own rugged way.

It’s covered with stone walls.

And there’s a wrecked/rusted/really old ship.

The best part? A 10th century cemetery + church.

We ate lunch at a pub on the island.

I had tomato + mozzarella salad (and was SO excited to see it listed). Jon had stew.

We walked around some more and pretty quickly found ourselves at another pub.

And then walked around some more and ate a scone.

The boat was a little late picking us up – something I was stressing about ONLY because I was nervous about getting back on and wanted to get it all over with.

Why was I nervous?

It hadn’t even occurred to me that seasickness could be a problem until the woman AND the kid in the seats directly in front of me starting puking on the (30ish minute) way to the island.

I would’ve been totally fine had I not heard or seen that. Once it started, though, Jon had to get a bag for me – though I never used it. Just paranoid. So paranoid I almost didn’t eat lunch – just in case.

Seriously. The sound gets me every time.

I avoided that family – and a few of the other people who got sick on the ride over – and was fine on the way back.

So – we stayed on and went for the ride to see the Cliffs of Moher from the sea.

I’m so glad.

After the boat, we went back to McDermott’s Pub and camped out for several hours while we waited on the music. We had great seats this time around + we shared a table with a couple (and their baby) from Dublin and had a really good time talking to them.

Dinner was standard “pub grub” – which was fine.

We weren’t there for the food.

Doolin is apparently well known for “trad” (traditional) music – which was our goal that night.

Such a fun day.

(Now I’m thinking I need some backyard chickens AND a donkey.)